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  Dana Bilbray

In May, 2009, Dana joined Get Organized! as a part-time assistant and in October, 2013, has become the company’s first full-time employee. Her role as Executive Assistant utilizes her organizational skills, attention to detail, and passion for the growth and success of our company.

Dana started her career with a graphic design degree and an interest in advertising. This led first to the design of billboards, then managing designers in a print shop, and to her last job as a production manager at a book publishing company. She currently uses her organizing strengths to work full time for Get Organized!, assist a company handling graduation supplies for high school seniors, be an active volunteer presence in her community, and thrive as a mom and future grandmother.

Dana loves to manage people and processes. This allows her to be effective whether helping with scheduling organizers, assisting with event plans, or editing contracts or marketing materials. As Get Organized! continues to grow in territory coverage and breadth of services, she will use her leadership and organizational skills to protect the Get Organized! brand and push GO to the next level.

Dana Bilbray - Executive Assistant
Dana Bilbray, Executive Assistant

Dana is the mother of three grown children and grandmother to a grandson. All are college graduates, focused, organized, and involved with family. With a clear vision (her amazing eyes are not Photoshopped in this picture) for protecting and promoting the mission of Get Organized! and its founder, Dana has been and will continue to be a huge asset to the company.

  Melissa True

Melissa joins Get Organized! to assist in the office and train to become a professional organizer for our business and residential clients. She obtained her degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and spent 13 years working in corporate accounting and finance. Although her experience is in a detail-oriented industry, Melissa also has the unique ability to see the bigger picture. Her goal is to help our clients whether in their office or their home.

With experience in managing her own household, Melissa is enthusiastic about organizing all areas of the home with particular strengths in organizing budgets, household finances, paper management systems, kitchens, child bedroom/play areas, and garages. She is handy with tools, a skill needed for assembling furniture, installing shelves, and hanging artwork for clients. She also offers a wealth of insight and wisdom on how to tackle the overall management of the home environment.

Melissa is an active listener. She quickly identifies functional needs in a space and efficiently moves to solutions and accomplishing necessary tasks. There is no organizing challenge too big and her attention to detail will ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Melissa True - Office Manager
Melissa True, Office Manager

Besides organizing, Melissa’s other interests include baking, reading, and spending time with young people. She has an active family with 2 young children. She spends much of her time volunteering at her church in the youth department and is an excellent elementary Room Mom.

  Kym Calloway

Kym has a natural ability for creating functional and beautiful spaces for her clients. Giving items a home, developing organizing systems, and helping clients be more productive with the time they have is her passion. Her goal is to assist others in eliminating clutter, getting organized, and staying organized through space planning and process implementation.

If you need someone handy with tools, Kym is your DIY girl, able to install shelves and put together bookshelves and other organizing products. IKEA furniture building is no problem, and Kym has configured many great storage systems with IKEA products.

As a task oriented person, Kym has skills in the areas of organizing closets and dressing rooms, managing household bills and paper clutter, and going paperless. She also has firsthand experience with planning, organizing, and installations in spaces of new homes including appliances, closets, décor, and more.

Kym Calloway - Affiliate/Organizer
Kym Calloway, Affiliate/Organizer

On April 3, 2012, Kym and her husband’s home was hit by an F-2 tornado. Being organized and prepared, Kym grabbed her families’ emergency kit and headed for the safest place in her home. Her home was destroyed by the storm, and since that day she has been rebuilding her home and life literally from the ground up. This experience places Kym in a very unique and gifted position of not only helping her clients plan and organize a new home, but to also include a sense of preparedness when organizing her clients. She wants her clients to be prepared for unexpected disastrous situations.

On a personal note, Kym is married, has a daughter who is 10 years old, and is a dog lover. She loves hunting for treasure at garage sales and thrift stores. Kym has a background in both Windows and Mac, and has been in the organizing industry since 2006.

  Cathy Page

Cathy came to Texas via Albuquerque and is happy to be here. She has been a home organizer for the last twenty years after ten years of working as a secretary honing her filing, payroll, and data entry skills. Cathy's friends say organizing is her forte!

She has used her natural abilities as a customer service office manager, in accounting, and as a coordinator for a co-op of over 200 families. Cathy homeschooled her children for fifteen years while managing her household and became familiar with the college application and planning process. She enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, baking, and has excellent time management skills.

One of the most important characteristics that Cathy brings to Get Organized! is the wisdom of running and managing a home and family for many years. She knows what a family needs to function efficiently and will apply that knowledge to organizing your space and improving your life.

Cathy Page - Client Manager/Organizer
Cathy Page, Client Manager/Organizer

Once Cathy evaluates the scope of the job she will quickly formulate a plan of action and is skilled at keeping the client and the team focused on the overall goal.

  Karla Koehler

Karla began her career in the airline industry as a reservation agent for American Airlines, and then worked as a corporate travel consultant for over 15 years. Her life experiences from domestic and international travel greatly influenced her decorative tastes and broadened her abilities to visualize, organize, and combine various approaches to design.

With great creativity and an eye for color and style, Karla can visualize improvements for any space. She is not afraid to get in the trenches in the messiest of areas and will purge, organize, simplify, display, arrange, and beautify all aspects of your home or business.

Karla is excellent at setting up a new home or office, staging for the quick home sale, and absolutely loves decorating for Christmas and all holidays. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail allow her to reach her goal of “magazine perfect”. Karla’s down to earth, approachable personality makes her easy to work with and she gives each space the function, flavor, and style it deserves.

Karla Koehler - Organizer
Karla Koehler, Organizer

On a personal note, Karla is bilingual in English and Spanish and enjoys yoga, world travel, reading, gift wrapping, and entertaining. She lives in West Plano with her husband, James, of 17 years and their two wire fox terriers, Forrest and Tiffany.

  Dorrie Rayburn

Dorrie is an Indiana native, but now calls Wylie, Texas, home. She started her working career in new home interior design, followed by years in banking and then the cellular industry. Dorrie owned her own interior design business for several years until she decided to focus on raising her family.

As Dorrie and her husband, Brian, a law enforcement officer, raised their family, her organizational skills helped her effectively run their household and home school their two children. While managing her home, Dorrie has also acquired financial experience as a bookkeeper and active board member for a national non-profit organization.

Dorrie is a crafter at heart and enjoys scrapbooking and crocheting blankets. This passion brings the experience necessary to create functional storage systems for any craft room.

Dorrie Rayburn - Organizer
Dorrie Rayburn, Organizer

Dorrie is detailed and disciplined, and has excellent project management skills. She has proven her ability to execute a project from beginning to end by coordinating events from weddings to estate sales.

  Sarah Jacobson

Sarah came to Get Organized! after a career as a math and science teacher and varsity basketball coach. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and General Science and has also earned her Lay Counselor Certification from the American Association of Christian Counselors. Sarah took some time off to raise her four children and develop better family-life management systems in her own home. Now she is ready to share her knowledge with others.

Over the past 15 years, Sarah moved her family successfully through three cross-country relocations with her husband’s employer and two additional local moves, before her family settled in the DFW area in 2009. With these moves under her belt, Sarah developed an exceptional understanding of effective and efficient packing and unpacking techniques, as well as new home set-up and staging for home resale.

Sarah has a unique ability to work with all types of personalities and uses learned methods to help our clients overcome their anxiety so they can meet their organizational goals. She can take charge and lead a project or quietly work behind the scenes. These qualities make Sarah very versatile when matching her with new clients.

Sarah Jacobson - Organizer
Sarah Jacobson, Organizer

“Life is more manageable when everything has a place,” Sarah says. With that mantra in mind, she uses her keen eye for spatial reasoning and processes to help educate others to utilize spaces and systems in a more functional way. Using all of her background and training, Sarah excels in helping others establish and implement systems for personal finances, time management, and paper systems, as well as organizing and decorating spaces from a beautiful front-door first impression to a functional garage.

Handy with tools and hardware, she often does her own household repairs, builds organizing products from places such as IKEA and The Container Store, and is handy in the garage. Sarah loves new challenges which can only increase her skill set as she serves our clients.

  Theresa Byrd

Theresa is a native Oklahoman but has called Texas her home for the last twenty five years. She has a business degree in Marketing and a law degree from Texas Tech. Passionate about kids, she put her business and legal skills to work for a nonprofit job program for at-risk youth, organizing and implementing work programs that provided teens with the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Theresa has also worked contract jobs organizing digital evidence into a storeroom, and creating a database to manage both clients and digital media. Her business experience makes her an ideal consideration for small business organizations.

After relocating to Dallas, Theresa dedicated herself to raising her four children. There she was able to apply real life home organizing skills and systems within her own family environment. She is skilled at teaching others to organize their time and schedules, keeping the chaos to a minimum.

With the secret heart of an interior designer, Theresa prides herself on her ability to spot a "diamond in the rough". She has refinished old, trashed pieces of furniture into works of art. She is willing to tackle almost any home improvement project and loves to make a client's space beautiful as well as functional. With experience in retail fashion and store layout, she can transform your closet into a dream space.

Theresa Byrd - Organizer
Theresa Byrd, Organizer

“Do not let her love for fashion fool you, as Theresa does not mind getting dirty. Organizing garages and storage rooms are some of her favorite projects. Additional skills and interests include painting, packing and unpacking, building furniture, working with tools, and shopping at estate sales. Theresa enjoys animals and her Bible study.

Theresa is a hard worker with an eye for the details that make a project pop. She excels at managing a project from planning to implementation, and will de-clutter, organize, and accessorize your space beautifully.

  Susan Davis

Susan is a native North Texan with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Texas at Austin. She used many of the skills she developed studying as a teacher in raising her family as a stay-at-home mom. A natural love for order and beauty, along with years of managing and maintaining a household, has given Susan a great deal of experience in real life organization.

She loves entertaining and has a special interest in home staging and décor, kitchen organization, and space planning. She also feels right at home organizing craft rooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, closets, and cabinets.

Working with seniors is another of Susan’s strengths. She understands the often difficult and emotional challenges that come with downsizing, purging, and decision-making by seniors and their families.

Susan Davis - Organizer
Susan Davis, Organizer

In addition to organizing and her ability to gracefully work with seniors, Susan has enjoyed working as a decorative artist, teaching the art of creating handmade greeting cards, and spending time with her adult children and their spouses, and her fantastic grandchildren. Other areas of interest include cooking and baking, reading, attending live theatre, and singing in her church’s Chancel Choir, where she also serves on the Music Ministry Council.

  Laurie Gunn

Laurie comes to Get Organized! with high level skills in both residential and business organizing. She graduated from Baylor University with a BBA and MBA, and SMU’s Southwestern Graduate School of Banking. Laurie’s long and successful career in banking with experience in commercial lending and credit and portfolio management, enhanced her abilities as a leader, organizer, trainer, and teacher.

Because of her financial and business background, Laurie excels in helping clients organize systems for paper management both in the home and office, teaching and organizing a household budget, finding solutions for a business environment, and managing a project from consultation to end result. Many of her references have said Laurie can see things that others cannot. She is passionate about home décor and decorating for Christmas and has a side of “handy” when it comes to hanging items, and she organizes with a focused mind, a detailed eye, and a compassionate heart.

As a world traveler, Laurie has a relaxing but rich taste in décor and uses uncommon items to wow a room. Her work experience along with managing her home and raising two grown children, allows her to take charge of difficult organizing challenges and create practical, sustainable solutions.

Laurie Gunn - Organizer
Laurie Gunn, Organizer

Laurie has been happily married to her college sweetheart for 30+ years, and together they have raised a daughter and son who are accomplished young adults. She gives back to the community by serving on boards and advisory committees of non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Personal interests include travel with family, active service in the community, hosting dinner parties with friends and family, and bargain shopping for unique treasures.

Having put corporate America in her rearview mirror, Laurie looks forward to having a positive impact on the lives of our clients’ homes, businesses, and lives.

  Jennifer Wallace

Born in East Texas, Jennifer moved back to Texas after living in Monroe, Louisiana for 25 years. As a young stay-at-home mom of three, she was highly involved with volunteering in both her local school and church. After raising her children, Jennifer turned to helping others at a small clothes closet outreach ministry through her church.

Jennifer volunteered for two years, then took over as Store Director of the growing Thrift Store managing 14 employees and 50 volunteers for eight years. She successfully took her vision for a thriving store to an end product that serves others on a much larger scale.

Jennifer’s references used a lot of the same positive words to describe her work ethic: organized, compassionate, and detail oriented. Additionally, while working and overseeing all aspects of the Thrift Store, Jennifer also managed the church benevolence program.

Jennifer Wallace - Organizer
Jennifer Wallace, Organizer

She is task oriented, strong in paper management, handy with tools for assembling bookshelves and other organizing products, has excellent project management skills, and can break a large job into smaller steps to complete the project. She has first-hand experience at purging and downsizing, which she recently put to the test when moving to the DFW area from her home of 22 years in Louisiana.

Jennifer’s hobbies include cooking, baking, gardening, water sports, and spending time with her family and friends. She has had many life experiences that will be beneficial to our Get Organized! clients, not only with organization, but with purging, family management, and working with seniors.

  Katherine St. Amant

In August of 2015, Katherine St. Amant landed a new career opportunity as an organizer with Get Organized!. Although native to Louisiana, Texas has been her home for the past 15 years. Katherine has a Business Management degree which served her well in the years she worked in her family’s oil field business. Now that the business is fully operational without Katherine, she looks forward to a career change with Get Organized!, where she no longer sits behind a desk.

In the oil business, moving can happen often, and Katherine moved a lot. She can manage an entire move, starting with de-cluttering and packing, then unpacking, and finishing with complete home set up. She is task driven and possesses a high energy level. Katherine wants the job done right the first time.

Katherine grew up with a mother who was a business owner and interior designer. This offered many opportunities for Katherine to decorate offices and homes in and around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. She decided through that experience she wanted to do something to put a smile on someone’s face, the way her Mom did when she redecorated and organized a bedroom, living room, or kitchen for a client.

Katherine St. Amant - Organizer
Katherine St. Amant, Organizer
Serving Tyler, Texas Area

Get to know Katherine for any length of time and you will find out she is a problem solver. She is great at helping families organize chores, initiate a meal planning system, and more. She runs a tight ship in her own home with a set of preteen twins, so being organized has been essential.

Katherine is looking forward to the opportunity to meet new people, organize their lives, and put smiles on their faces, one house or office at a time.

  Toni Grockowski

Toni, a real people person, comes to Get Organized! via the piney woods of East Texas. With a degree in Interior Design from Texas Christian University, she brings a love and knowledge for space planning, design, and beauty, as well as creating organized spaces that function well.

Growing up as a coach's kid, followed by a decade as a Navy wife, Toni brings firsthand experience in packing/unpacking, setting up a new house, staging to sell, and serious clutter control. One of her strengths is that she thrives on creative solutions and seeing options outside of the box.

Toni loves shopping for organizing products that will help our clients. Her favorite organizing store is IKEA, located in the DFW area, and she is willing to travel to do research and stay up-to-date on current trends. Building furniture or purchasing products to organize a home from IKEA or other stores in the Tyler area is where the job often begins. Toni says, “Clients need to have the right products to get their spaces organized, whether that is repurposing what they have or buying new.”

Toni Grochowski - Organizer
Toni Grochowski, Organizer
Serving Tyler, Texas Area

Painting and repurposing old furniture are other skills that Toni will bring to her clients. She enjoys working with families of young children, downsizing seniors, and reading. Toni lives with her husband and three children just north of Tyler.

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