Saturday, June 23, 2018
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I have been intermittently working with Rachel and Karla on organizing my new apartment after multiple moves in the past year, a divorce, and losing a job partly due to organization challenges from all of the above unplanned changes.

I just want to thank you so much for their help. Both women have been extremely... kind, compassionate, energetic, and very helpful as I've slowly cleared out the clutter I had accumulated, and re-ordered my life. In doing so, I'm finally ready to re-enter the job market and excited about moving forward in this unexpected new stage of my life. Bringing order back into my home has been such an important step in giving me motivation and a sense of control back, and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Rachel and Karla. Rachel has been very patient and has always worked very hard during our time together. Karla has been the same and has thankfully given me some wonderful shopping suggestions as I've been considering my various decor and furniture options needed to provide storage (I had never been to Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge before - much better than Neman’s for many items!).

Between Rachel's emphasis on function and Karla's added suggestions I've managed to overhaul my home in both organization and decor and I'm very, very thrilled. The money spent on your services has been worth every penny and I would love to provide a reference for your company to anyone in the future.

I'm working with Rachel again in the morning (I no longer need two organizers) and just wanted to give you some feedback about my time with such great women. Thank you for suggesting them both! I look forward to working with Get Organized! on an ongoing basis for quite some time.

Best regards from a very happy client!


North Texas

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the time spent and aid you provided in clearing my parent's home!!! My parents started out a bit nervous/hesitant but you all helped to ease any and all issues and allowed them to arrive at the breakthrough they so dearly needed.

We are all so very happy with the results and your team at Get Organized!, I am really at a loss for words at how well Rachel and Ana worked!!! From the moment they walked in, up until the very end, they were on it!!! I can rave on and on about Get Organized! but want you all to know that we are very pleased and would not think twice about using your services again and referring you to family and friends.

In closing, thank you Lorraine, thank you Rachel and thank you Ana for being so kind, motivating, hardworking and fun!!!!


Dallas County

We had one of our most well attended PTA meetings in a long time.  I think all the moms were really intrigued and motivated to get organized!  I felt your presentation provided practical tips and concrete ideas of how to implement them.  I love the humor and personal experiences you added to all your ideas!  I heard all the moms say that was one of the best meetings they have been to!  I know our principal wants you back in the fall to talk to the teachers.


Lisa Johnson
VP Programs
Spears Elementary
Frisco, Texas

What I do know is I absolutely love what you created in my master bedroom / office.  Your ability to see how things function together is fabulous!  Your ability to motivate me to learn new ways to be clutter free is fabulous!  I use my trickle file and it gives me peace because I know where to find things.  I am still struggling with my kids things they bring home.  I keep trying new things but nothing has been "it" yet.


You have made a very positive difference in my life.  I tell people- intellectually I knew what I needed to do to organize my home but I kept getting in the way.  I would get overwhelmed with the task at hand and literally did not have the time.  You got me to dedicate the time, kept me on task and had the strategies to make it come together.


Murphy, Tx

Wow! You are the best!

I so enjoyed the consultation with you and am so very impressed with this write up. (I really didn't need to take notes.  :)


Murphy, Tx

Hi Lorraine,
I attended your Savy Ways to Save workshop in McKinney a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. I have saved a bundle in the coupon department.

Thanks so much for coming to speak at Stinson this evening!  You’re ideas and home/life philosophies are so wonderful.  I wish our lifestyles could get back to a more simple, value-driven purpose.  I know the PTA will want to book you again for next year’s parent education programming.  You and I can discuss which topics, and I know you have many.  I’d like to see something about getting your family together with quality time and learning good habits.
You touched on it this evening, but we could do a whole program on it.  So many families could benefit from it, and getting the good habits started while the kids are still young is important.
ALL of the feedback I heard this evening was good. Thanks again for coming!  I really enjoyed your presentation, learned a few great things, and was entertained by your cute humor!
Nancy Humphrey
Stinson Elementary PTA (PISD)

Dear Lorraine,
Thank you so much for the inspiration that you brought to all of the attendees of your “Getting Organized for Spring” presentation at our church. Some of the quotes from our moms that attended were “Awesome!” and “I felt empowered after the meeting.” One mom said usually feels panicked after a time management course, but after your talk, she was relaxed and relieved knowing that she could start with just one small thing. Some of my favorite tidbits from your talk were the little child-rearing/parenting tips that you gave like the “Pass the Piggy” game.
We were discussing the presentation at our regular monthly meeting this week, and the moms were so enthusiastic about what they had already done and what they were planning on implementing. You could see the spark of excitement in their eyes. It was amazing for me to watch. You have been a blessing to each one of us and to our families…..thank you for that!
Becky Smith and the A.P.P.L.E.S. Group
FUMC Plano

I have been wanting to thank you for such a nice job.  My husband and I stood in the room thursday morning and didn't want to leave it.  We both are so pleased and he did not complain about the cost.  The results were worth it.
Thanks again!
Murphy, Tx

Thank you so much for speaking to our MOPS Group! You had some great ideas.. I loved the oohs & Ahhhs when you brought out the Velveta box!   Ha! We really appreciate all you did. What a blessing.
Amy Locurto
Plano, Texas 

Getting Organized with Lorraine Brock was both challenging and fun. The ladies of my church loved it. Each of us walked away with an action plan on how to get the job done. With Lorraine’s motivation we were fired up to tackle our problem areas. My home has never looked more beautiful! I can’t wait to have her back again next year.
Beth Howard
New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
Waco, Tx

I had a great time and I learned a lot!! I am so excited about working on getting all the little papers that seem to "Trickle" into my home, put up and away and in such an organized way. I feel that the information you shared with us will also help me at work too.
It is really hard when you work in an office with papers coming in and out all the time! Now I have learned a great way to get all of these papers together in an orderly manner. My boss, I'm sure will be grateful!!
I look forward to taking some of your other classes and will recommend you to everyone I know.
Thanks again!!!
It was great!!!
Jennie Jones
Richardson, Tx

By the way, thanks again for all the work you did on yesterday.  I really appreciate it.  I just love the organization that is taking place in my home!  It feels like a gift to me.  As a working mom, with two small children, I don’t always have the extra time to organize all the spaces in my home that I would like to – so it has been a true pleasure to work with you.
In the past, I would use much of my vacation time organizing different spaces in my home.  Now…I am so thankful that I will actually be able to spend more of my free time with the family.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.
Neisha Strambler-Butler
Richardson, Tx

Dear Lorraine,
Thank you so much for coming to speak at our meeting. You'll be pleased to know that not only was your meeting the highest attended chapter meeting we've ever had, but also has sparked great conversations on our chat boards.
Organizing is happening in our group!
Personally, I enjoyed the advice you gave on getting started with a project and also the products that you showed. Money is always tight around here so it was great to have lots of tips for things you could do that wouldn't cost me a fortune! Other moms liked that your approach gave tons of options "what works for me might not work for you" and that you weren't pushing some "ultimate solution". All the advice on children and toys was well received.
There has been huge discussions about keeping the toys under control and also getting kids involved in helping around the house. For most of us it really hit home when you relayed the story of your 15 year old making a cobbler~ we all want our kids to be that self-sufficient.
Liz Butler
Associate Leader
Greater Lewisville Mothers & More
Chapter #10

Dear Lorraine,
Thanks so much for speaking at our PTA parent program.  Our program was titled, "Organize Yourself, Your Home, Your Shopping AND Your Student".  So, we asked you to cover a lot of different areas of our lives in one presentation.  It was great!  You have so many good ideas to share.  Everyone enjoyed it and came away with a lot of easy ways to get their houses (and lives) organized.  I really liked talking about all of the different areas of our lives and what little things we can do to feel more organized. We all came away very excited about getting everything in order.  We had so many questions, we could have kept you all day.
Your presentation style was great - like chatting with a friend.  :o)
Thanks again!  
Diane Anderson
Murphy Middle School PTA

I am delighted with Renee and Alyce.

Renee has been very quick to call me back with a few small questions. I have found that she loves organizing my paper work and hates to quit when the day ends. God bless her. I glaze over when confronted with most paper work unless it is clearly junk stuff. Alyce tackled my "close the door room" and I was amazed at the headway she made. She too seems to really enjoy her work.

I also really appreciate the professional way that you handle your business. Not only are you professional but you have picked the perfect ladies to match my needs and my personality. They are fun, work fast and keep their eye on my desired end results. They also continually demonstrate a respect for me and my home.

Frisco, Tx

God really blessed First Mansfield with the opportunity to hear Lorraine Brock speak to our Women’s Ministry, last month. We had a fabulous time with her and learned so much! I received many messages from women in our church who enjoyed her so much, and went right out the next day to put into practice what they learned.


It was so amazing to be given information on how to become a more godly, prudent woman, but then also be handed practical ways to implement this information immediately. We are so excited to have had her speak in our church; Lorraine was funny, inspiring, and informative. What an amazing event! We cannot wait to have her back!


Jenna Griffis
First Baptist Church Mansfield

Thank you for coming to my home for a consultation. I was shocked how much we covered in 2 hours. I have 4 pages of notes on how to take action and better organize my house. Already my kitchen flows easier thanks to your recommendations. I didn't expect to learn how to organize my kid's lives, my calendar and so many tricks on time management. I just finished upgrading our new filing system to incorporate your ideas. Best of all I have hope for my laundry room.


To think, I was ready to hire someone to come remodel and all I have to do is add the right vertical storage! You were so kind and friendly and really made me feel comfortable showing you "those" spots.


I love your web site and newsletter too. Thank you for all your help!


K. Dickenson
Richardson, Tx

We used Lorraine Brock’s service, Get Organized!, and were very pleased. Our situation, in short, was this. We have moved many times, living in 8 different houses, not counting apartments, flats and duplexes. Both of our parents have passed away and we had many, many items from their homes moved to our home. Our 3 children are now all married and moved away with their families leaving us with a ton of old toys, books, clothes, etc.. While we have a large home, we were being overwhelmed.


After their first visit, we scheduled a subsequent day and then a third day. We spread the days out over 3 months to allow us to absorb and plan for the changes. Their personalities were exceptional. Naturally, there were things we were very attached to and reluctant to part with. They gave good advice and furnished sound perspectives on ways to handle items.


Lastly, they were very industrious, working diligently for the scheduled day. You would be most pleased to use this service.


Mike & Coralinn Maus
Richardson, Tx
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