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  Who is Get Organized!

Get Organized! is a certified woman owned business through WBCS and owner, Lorraine Brock, is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). We offer both residential and business organizing services and our organizers have a broad range of skills. As our tagline explains, we offer organizing for home, business and life. Our services improve the physical areas of our client’s homes, increase efficiency and work flow for businesses, and help families create a less chaotic lifestyle.

Since Get Organized! was formed in 2007, our primary focus has been on putting systems in place to help our clients control paper clutter, manage time, and maximize space. A professional organizer has the expertise to find creative ways to maximize space and understands how a home should function on a daily basis. That expertise, combined with a wealth of product knowledge for organizing a space, and experience in implementing organizational systems, is invaluable to a home in a state of chaos. Specific services include unpacking and accessorizing a home, and organizing closets, kitchens, scrapbooking rooms, sewing areas, playrooms, and home offices.

Over the years, Get Organized! has expanded its services to include organizing for small to midsize businesses and large corporations. Our organizers create more efficient systems for stockrooms, inventory storage rooms, and supply areas. We design spaces that maximize storage options for anything from hardware to office supplies, or in a facility maintenance department. Providing organizational solutions in turn creates a better work flow for business spaces. We find that taking the burden of these tasks from the current employees allows them to concentrate on their daily responsibilities.

In 2012, Get Organized! launched an Affiliate Program to offer training and a successful brand for qualified organizers throughout the state of Texas. This is an exciting new venture that will expand the reach of the Get Organized! brand and offer our services to a wider client base.

The Founder and President of Get Organized!, Lorraine Brock, is active in the company and her community. She is a popular expert in the Dallas, Texas, local media and is often found speaking at events around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Lorraine can be found at IKEA® Dallas in Frisco offering classes and in-store workshops to customers focusing on useful organizational systems and new products. Lorraine says, “Get Organized! pays close attention to the details of how a space looks, and also understands how a person or company functions in their space.  Many organizing companies can make an area look good, but it takes knowledge of products and systems to create a space that a family or business can maintain after the organizers are gone. That extra treatment is what really makes a more than satisfied client.

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