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  Get Organized!'s Christmas Decorating Pricing & Information

Let us create a very Merry Christmas for you! Whether we are turning your home into a winter wonderland or one that is classy and elegant…we decorate for your style. The information below gives you a detailed outline of how the process works and our decorating policies. Please call us at 972.841.0738 for hourly rates.

Christmas Decorating Consultation (maximum 1 Hour) - $100.00 (Non-Refundable Deposit)

Our Christmas Decorating Consultation starts the process of turning your home into a Christmas to remember. During this appointment, our elves chat with you about your décor style and how you will use your home during the holidays. They inspect decorations you already own and want to incorporate in the current season, and/or suggest new ideas to make your home sparkle. Want a totally fresh look for the inside of your home for Christmas? Our elves can work with you to determine your new style and then do the shopping for you. In the event that you choose to have us take down your decorations and store them for the next season, recommendations will be made at the consultation for storage containers and a storage plan.

Upon arriving at your home for your consultation, our Get Organized! team member might ask you to have paper and pen ready to take notes. Afterwards, you can make the decision to use our suggestions and do the work yourself, or you may choose to hire our Christmas elves to do the work for you, often with better and faster results. Keep in mind that Get Organized! books weeks out, so it is a MUST to get on the schedule ASAP. If you have special days you would like to have your home decorated and undecorated, consider scheduling your Christmas Decorating Service early in the calendar year.

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of decorating you would like done, decorating can normally be done with two elves in one eight (8) hour day, with takedown usually managed in a five (5) hour session.

Note: When booking a Christmas Consultation, we will obtain your credit card information and bill a $100 non-refundable deposit at time of booking that is credited towards the $100.00 consultation fee for all new clients. If you are a previous Christmas Decorating client and no consultation is needed, the deposit is still required and credited towards decorating services. Additional charges may apply per our cancellation/no show policy.
Note: At consultation, all decorations must be down from attic and accessible for our elves.


After the Consultation

At the end of the consultation, our clients often choose to schedule a day to get the inside of their home decorated for Christmas based on the suggestions from their organizer.
The organizer and the client will have already discussed if any shopping is required by the organizer and what budget the client is comfortable with spending. Our elves tend to lean on the frugal side when shopping but we shop for any taste, style, and budget. We want to get you the best products for the best prices. If the client is doing the shopping, all products and supplies must be bought prior to the workday. This will allow our elves to be efficient with the time allotted.

Requested items might include containers, greenery, ribbon, ornament balls, chargers, lights, serving trays, hardware, and more. If you prefer, we can shop at a cost of $35 per hour plus mileage and the cost of the items. Hourly rate is charged during travel time.

Note: All Christmas trees must be pre-lit. In rare cases we may make an exception. This policy is due to the lengthy amount of time it takes to add lights to a tree.


Starting the Job

Depending on the plan of action discussed at the consultation, our clients might be given some homework to have completed prior to our arrival such as basic purging, gathering supplies, and removing items from areas where Christmas décor will be placed. Homework is NOT required of the client, but suggested to maximize time. Some clients may choose to work alongside our elves while others prefer to make themselves available for questions, but let the organizers do all the work. Our team is happy to work however the client desires.

Note: Our organizers do not break down or set up computer or electronic equipment during decorating or takedown. However, we do offer full IT services for PCs at an additional cost. Services include: networking, syncing, repairs, back-up methods, software tutoring, photo/file organizing, de-commissioning old systems, and more.

The elves at Get Organized! are being paid only while on a scheduled job. It is important that as a client you allow time before the end of your appointment to go over any future plan of action. This includes homework assignments and supplies needed to complete your job. Remember to take notes on the discussion at the consultation and subsequent appointments so you will be able to recall important information without having to contact your organizer(s) after work hours.

Our organizers take a 15 minute lunch break on any job over 4 hours. This allows the organizer(s) and client to re-energize and regroup. Part of making any home magical for Christmas is getting to know the things that make your family unique. Often our lunch break conversations lead to a better understanding of your needs. This break is included in the hourly billing.

If you require “after hours” consulting (action planning, brainstorming, etc.) with your lead organizer, you will be charged our standard hourly rate for one organizer. The organizer will keep track of the time spent on phone calls, texting, and email, and you will be billed monthly. We understand some clients want more access to their organizer, so we offer this service at an additional charge.

It is our goal that you receive exceptional customer service at all times and at the same time Get Organized! must compensate its organizers for their work after hours. Please be aware of this policy so a bill for this service does not come as a surprise.

As always, please feel free to contact your elf at no additional cost with schedule changes or a quick question. You may also contact our Get Organized! office at any time by phone at 972.841.0738 or via e-mail at  Text messaging is NOT a reliable way to communicate.

Note: If organizer(s) arrive at your home/office and you are not there on our scheduled day, you will be charged a $100 no show fee plus mileage if applicable.


Completing the Job

Our Christmas decorating services do not have to end with the enjoyment of a beautiful home for the holidays. We offer takedown services including taking down your tree and packing up all Christmas décor. Additionally, we offer our professional organizing services to get your home spruced up for the new year.


We are often asked to quote how much a particular job will cost. Due to the many variables in each job, we do not estimate jobs over the phone. Since we bill organizing jobs at an hourly rate, we try to estimate the time a job will take during the scheduled consultation.
How long a Christmas decorating job will take depends on:

  • The amount of everyday clutter that must be handled before the decorations can be placed
  • The ease of access to current decorations
  • Whether the client be working with us
  • How quickly you make decisions
  • Whether we will be assembling or putting together décor items such as trees and lighting
  • Your willingness to do suggested homework after the consultation to get ready for decorating day
  • The amount of interruptions you have (phone, email, texting, visitors, kids, etc.)
Estimates are for organizing services only and do not include additional expenses such as mileage, surcharges, supplies, shopping, etc. Final billing may vary from initial estimate or quote based on additional expenses.

After the initial consultation, our decorating jobs are billed hourly. We require a five (5) hour minimum per day, although most decorating jobs need eight (8) hours per day scheduled. Hours are determined by, but not limited to, projections of time spent de-cluttering areas to decorate, unpacking decor, building products, decorating, and time spent researching for special items requested by the client. Research and shopping time outside of scheduled work days will be billed additionally upon approval by the client.


Due to our safety needs when decorating such as climbing ladders and working around and under furnishings and on stairwells, Get Organized! requires two organizers on all scheduled jobs.

Mileage Rates: Get Organized! has organizers throughout the DFW and Tyler, Texas areas. It is our goal to match the best organizers to each client’s needs. We do take into consideration the client’s location when assigning an organizer to a job. Clients that are over 30 miles round trip from our organizers will have an additional cost of 54.5 cents per mile (IRS mileage rate) added to the total job cost. Mileage will be determined from the location of the organizer to the client and is based on round-trip using

Due to the increase in fuel costs and drive time with traffic, any jobs that have a calculated drive time between 45 minutes and 1 hour (one way) from the location of the organizer and based off of, will incur a $25 surcharge for each scheduled appointment. The client will be billed per job, not per organizer, for mileage and/or surcharges.

Cancellation Policy
To cancel or reschedule your appointment with Get Organized!, call 972.841.0738 (24 hours/7 days a week) and leave a detailed message. Rescheduling is permitted if dates are available, but there is NO refund on deposit if the appointment is cancelled.
Excessive rescheduling disrupts our service to other clients and negatively impacts our organizers' ability to earn income. Please consider your dates and times carefully when booking your appointments. Get Organized! desires to give every single client our absolute best.

No Show Policy
If organizer(s) arrive at your home/office for your scheduled appointment, and you are not at home or due to illness or schedule conflict are unable to keep the appointment, and you failed to cancel your appointment, you will be charged a $100 no show fee plus mileage if applicable. Read the Cancellation Policy above for more information.
When scheduling your consultation, we will obtain your credit card information for billing purposes. We will not bill your credit card for our services until after your appointment in case you choose to pay with cash or check at the time of service. By giving us your credit card information, you accept and agree to our Cancellation and No Show policies.


We accept all major credit cards, cash, or check. If you choose to pay by credit card, Get Organized! will collect your credit card information prior to your organizing appointment. Payments will be processed at the close of each business day services are rendered.

You will receive an invoice via email the day before or the day of your appointment with the total amount due for that day’s work. Any changes in the total amount due such as additional hours worked or products purchased by our organizers will be reflected on the final invoice run through your credit card, or recalculated at the appointment when paying by cash or check. A new invoice will then be emailed to you.

Clients who wish to pay by credit/debit card for actual shopping expenses (products) will have an upcharge of 3% ONLY on the products purchased; not mileage or hourly rate for shopping. If the client chooses to pay in cash or check, the 3% upcharge will be waived. The 3% is only being charged to offset credit card processing fees.


Additional Notes

Flexibility is vital to the decorating process. There may be times when an organizer will come up with a better idea or request additional décor items or takedown storage products for your home. These changes are always discussed and implemented with your approval.

This information is subject to change without notice.


Important Information - Please Read!

To our New and Prospective Clients:

Decorating your home or business is an exciting process, but it takes a lot of work, confident decision-making, and a positive outlook to make it stunning and function well for your family, guests, or clients. Keep in mind that in order to get the successful results we both want, there may be a few aches and pains along the way.

Many families do not have the time or energy to create a beautifully decorated home for the holidays, but desire to create magical Christmas memories. Having a home or business cluttered with boxes while trying to decorate for weeks is stressful and time consuming. In order to fully enjoy the Christmas season, paying for professional decorating services may be the best solution.

We not only want to make your home or business look great, but we also want to create spaces that your family and friends will enjoy in the days before and after Christmas. We also want to make takedown painless and the storage of your décor efficient and easy to reproduce the next year.

Organizing a Christmas decorating project takes concentration, multitasking, and focus. If a client will be working with us, there may be times you find a long lost item and you want to stop and reminisce. Our organizers will ask you to refocus on the task at hand. Having your full focus on the process will make it go more quickly. It is best not to double-book yourself with other events and people on decorating days unless we have discussed this beforehand.

We look forward to helping you Get Organized for the holidays!


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