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Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly, if you do not identify and organize your photos, no one will know who or what the photo is once you are gone and they will eventually be thrown away. Our Personal IT and Photo Organizer can scan your photos, label, tag, and store them digitally so they are safe, secure, and shareable. Once they are scanned and you feel comfortable with the storage options, you can throw out the physical photos. You now have a digital copy that will not fade, get lost, or become damaged, plus you can share any or all photos with others.

Yes, we have paper managements experts who can go through your documents and identify what must be saved and what can be shredded. The saved documents will be sorted by category and scanned. The organizer will set up a digital file structure and import the scanned documents for future use. Recommendations will be made on cloud storage options and linked to the digital files.

Whether you have an in-the-box new printer or scanner or one you have had for a while but has disconnected from your Wi-Fi, we can set it up or determine if it is time for a new one. At some point companies stop supporting older devices or software, so if we cannot solve the problem, we can recommend a new product that fits your needs and budget. Once you receive the new product, we can return to set it up for you.

We are driven to give you solutions and options that best fit your needs. Our IT organizers will evaluate what you have and compare with other cloud applications. Considerations include pricing, amount of storage, items that can be stored, mobile application, bonus features, and reviews.

Yes. Life gets busy caring for your own family, so when an ageing parent needs help setting up or learning to use their technology, we can take the time to patiently explain what we are doing. We also offer gift certificates for a set number of hours your parents or family members can use as needed to answer questions or fix technology issues.

Sounds like you might need a new file structure and to understand where the right place is to store items when you save them. Our IT Organizers can set up a structure for music, video, documents, and photos, teach you where each type of file is to be saved, and remove duplicate files. This process will also free up some of your storage.

We are also a small business, so we understand what you need to work seamlessly at home. Your time is money, so we can focus on efficient use of technology including information security. We have many recommendations for proven business applications.

Sometimes you may feel like just deleting your emails and starting from zero, but you do not have to do this. By using filters and setting up rules, we can eliminate a lot of your unwanted emails and stop the same thing from happening again. We can also help you consolidate your email accounts, access them in one place, or set up new personal or business email accounts.

Yes, we can help anyone with new device setup. A new device can be confusing, and instead of getting frustrated, we can teach you or your loved one how to use the features they may need the most. We can install software and applications and help create accounts and basic file structures.

The transition to a new cell can be challenging for most people. It is even more difficult if your new phone is using a different operating system (iPhone to Android). We can install apps that fit your needs, set up email, import contacts, and make sure all your information is backed up to the cloud. After that, our IT Organizer will sit down patiently with you and teach you how to use what you have.

Grandkids are fun and it is important for grandparents to stay connected to them as they grow. We know for some older adults, even though they want to use new technology, they feel nervous and overwhelmed by the terminology and processes. We can get your video chat options set up and work with you until you know how to make contact…including a test run with your grandkids while we are in your home! Our IT Organizers are patient and will go at your pace with multiple lessons if needed.

There are many resources for online budgeting, some free and others with an initial or monthly fee. Our IT Organizer can also create a budget for you in a spreadsheet program which would eliminate a monthly or yearly cost. So, yes, we can work with you to determine the best method of keeping track of your income and expenses. Once determined, we can install the software or application and teach you how to use it.

This is a huge problem for most people. They have old, outdated devices they have not or are unable to access to take off content. In most cases we can retrieve the information, but it may require more work than what we can do in your home. Our IT Organizer will assess the situation at your in-home consultation. Once we access the content, we will store it on the cloud or on a separate device for you to evaluate.

Yes. Many times, depending on your overall understanding of technology, we can do this over the phone. Our expert will ask you questions about how you will use your computer (gamer, movies, work, play, etc.), your budget, what size screen you want, how much storage you need, etc. Once we have this information we will make a few recommendations on what to purchase and where you can find the best deals. Once you have your new device, bring us back to help you with set-up so you can get up and running quickly. Our experience saves you time and money.

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