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Professional Packing / Unpacking Services

Get Organized! has been organizing DFW homes since 2007

Home packing services in Richardson, TX

Feeling a little stressed about your move? Instead of paying to move unwanted clutter, Get Organized! can purge unneeded items before packing your home. This saves money on packing supplies and shipping weight, plus allows you to start life fresh in your new home with only the items you want.

Once your new home is ready, our organizers will unpack and organize one room or your entire house. A Get Organized! team can work with your movers to direct the unloading, or arrive after the movers leave and begin the unpacking process.

Services include:

  • Packing and unpacking in homes or apartments (some restrictions based on size and value of items)
  • Shopping for organizational products for your new home
  • Kitchen setup and pantry stocking
  • Home office setup
  • Closets, bathrooms, kid's areas, and bathrooms setup
  • Garage organization, and more

Packing/Unpacking (Remodel / Construction)

The first step in the process of remodeling a space or managing family life during construction is the packing of unnecessary items to put in storage. Get Organized! can coordinate delivery of packing boxes and supplies, assist clients in sorting and purging unwanted items and clutter, suggest resources for donating, selling, or consigning unwanted items, and carefully pack remaining items for storage.

Once the remodel or construction is complete, we unpack boxes and organize affected rooms, making sure to maximize space during the process. From closets, kitchens, kid’s play areas, craft areas, sewing rooms, and more, we organize the entire contents of your home to give your family a stress-free, uncluttered, functional, and beautifully organized home.

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Packing / Unpacking - Process

In home consultation DFW

In-Home Consultation **Maximum 2 Hour Consultation - $150.00**

An in-home consultation is a definite motivator to Get Organized! An organizer will evaluate the problem areas of your home, take photos*, and discuss your habits, tendencies, and lifestyle to come up with solutions to help you stay organized.

Organizing is about putting in systems that focus on function, not just beauty. While looks are important, having a beautiful space will not necessarily make your life easier and less frustrating. So while we desire to make your home picture perfect, our main goal is to make it function properly so the clutter is kept under control.

Unlike many other organizing companies, during our in-home consultations, we want to GIVE you our ideas and suggestions for the cluttered areas of your home. These ideas might include space planning, organizing tools, paper management, organizing kids' chores, staging a home for sale, and systems put in place to help you manage your home and life. In many cases, a person is unorganized due to a lack of time management skills. At the consultation, we address how you currently manage your time and offer advice on systems to efficiently schedule appointments, leisure time, and projects that require your attention.

When a Get Organized! team member arrives at your home for your consultation, have your paper and pen handy and be ready to take notes. Afterward, you can make the decision to use our suggestions and do the work yourself, or you may choose to hire our organizers to do the work for you, often with better and faster results. Think of us as your Personal Trainer for the organizationally challenged.

Note: When booking a Consultation, we will obtain your credit card information and will only charge it with your authorization or per our cancellation policy.

*By engaging our services, Get Organized! will take before, during, and after images and videos for documentation. These items may be used for training and marketing. We will not use images or videos containing home occupants, location information, or name identification unless permission is granted by the client. It is the responsibility of the client to contact our office to discuss a change in permission.

Organizing consultation DFW

After the Consultation

At the end of the consultation, our clients often choose to schedule organizing days to begin the actual process of purging, de-cluttering, setting up systems, and organizing their homes.

Additional information such as resources, photos, forms, instructions, links to websites, etc., from the organizer to the client may be sent via email after the consultation. Unless a quick turnaround is needed for scheduling reasons, please allow a few days after the consultation for this additional information.

If organizing days are scheduled at the consultation, the organizer generally requests products and supplies to have on hand when the organizer returns. These items should be bought prior to the workday and will allow the organizer to efficiently use the allotted time. Requested items might include cleaning supplies, containers, totes, boxes, shelves, hardware, filing systems, or other items that will make your space more functional. If you prefer, we can shop for you at a cost of $50 per hour plus mileage and the cost of the items. Hourly rate is charged during travel time.

Off-Site Space Planning and Product Research ($50/hr) - In some cases our clients need additional research for products or furniture space planning that they simply do not have time to do themselves. Get Organized! offers space planning for new or existing furniture and product research outside the client's home to help find the right solution for the space. Our goal is to make sure that you have the proper pieces to create a home for all of your items. These services include measuring, space planning, and workflow consideration.

Get Organized! works closely with IKEA to help design your perfect space while using their products, but we are also happy to use furniture pieces you buy elsewhere.


Starting the Job

Depending on the plan of action discussed at the consultation, our clients might be given some homework to have completed prior to our arrival such as basic purging, gathering supplies, and setting up files. Some clients may choose to work alongside an organizer to answer questions and help make decisions, and some prefer to make themselves available for questions, but let the organizers do all the work. It is this teamwork that allows our clients to learn the skills needed for future DIY organizing projects.

Note: Our organizers do not break down or set up a computer or electronic equipment, however, we do offer full IT services for PCs at an additional cost. Services include networking, syncing, repairs, backup methods, software tutoring, photo/file organizing, de-commissioning old systems, and more.

The organizers at Get Organized! are being paid only while on a scheduled job. It is important that as a client you allow time before the end of your appointment to go over any future plan of action. This includes homework assignments and supplies needed to complete your job. Remember to take notes on the discussion at the consultation and subsequent appointments so you will be able to recall important information without having to contact your organizer(s) after work hours.

Our organizers take a 15-minute lunch break on any job over 4 hours. This allows the organizer(s) and the client to re-energize and regroup. Part of organizing families is getting to know their lifestyle and work habits so we can adjust our organizing plans to meet their needs. Often our lunch break conversations lead to a better understanding of your needs. This break is included in the hourly billing.

If you require “after-hours” consulting (more hands-on time, action planning, brainstorming, etc.) with your lead organizer, you will be charged our standard hourly rate for one organizer. The organizer will keep track of the time spent on phone calls, texting, and email, and you will be billed monthly. We understand some clients want more access to their organizer, so we offer this service at an additional charge.

It is our goal that you receive exceptional customer service at all times and at the same time Get Organized! must compensate its organizers for their work after hours. Please be aware of this policy so a bill for this service does not come as a surprise.

Note: If organizer(s) arrive at your home/office and you are not there on our scheduled day, you will be charged a $100 no-show fee plus mileage if applicable.

Home reveal

Completing the Job

Remember the TV shows like Clean Sweep? They are just that - an entertaining, pre-scripted show! They want the viewer to see dramatic results in an hour, so they cart out a lot of junk and build some cool storage pieces, but do not show the real decision-making, follow-up, and maintenance processes that are necessary to become organized! Keep in mind it took a long time to get disorganized and it will take time, effort, and determination to change that mindset.

Additional Information About Our Rates and Policies


We are often asked to quote how much a particular job will cost. Due to the many variables in each job, we do not estimate jobs over the phone. Since we bill organizing jobs at an hourly rate, we try to estimate the time a job will take during the scheduled consultation.

How long a job will take depends on:

  • The amount of clutter.
  • The number of boxes of paper to sort and organize (papers require more detailed attention).
  • How well you are able to work with us, make decisions, and purge.
  • Whether we will be building or putting together shelving, bookshelves, organizing tools, etc.
  • Your willingness to do suggested homework after we leave.
  • The amount of interruptions you have (phone, email, texting, visitors, kids, etc.).

Estimates are for organizing services only and do not include additional expenses such as mileage, surcharges, supplies, shopping, etc. Final billing may vary from the initial estimate or quote based on additional expenses.

After the initial consultation, our organizing jobs are billed hourly, with a minimum of five (5) hours per day for all jobs. From experience, we find that most clients get the best results by booking 8 hours a day. Hours are determined by, but not limited to projections of time spent cleaning, de-cluttering, sorting, organizing, filing, building, and installing organizing products, and time spent researching for special items requested by the client. Research and shopping time outside of the on-site organizing will be billed additionally upon approval by the client.

Clients may elect to schedule either one* or two organizers, but in most cases, two organizers create more brain power, muscle power, and more efficient decision-making capabilities. The option for two organizers on a job site is not available in all areas covered by Get Organized! services.

*For security reasons, we schedule two organizers on a job if the Lead Organizer and the client are of the opposite sex. If two organizers are not available in your area, service options are at the discretion of Get Organized! and the approval of the client.

Our typical client is one who has accumulated clutter over a period of time that is now causing undue frustration and stress, often throughout the entire home and family. There is usually a feeling of being overwhelmed and out of control. When it moves beyond just the physical space and general lifestyle clutter, we might classify it as hoarding.

We work with hoarders and their families to begin the enormous task of organizing the physical spaces of a hoarding environment, however, we do not provide professional counseling or psychological advice. Usually, the home of a hoarder requires a cleaning crew to come into the home prior to our arrival to remove trash and unhealthy debris. Due to the complexity of hoarding situations, the hourly organizing rates may increase to hoarding rates after the on-site consultation, especially if the client did not explain the severity during the phone conversation. Hoarding jobs do require at least two organizers on-site at all times. Please call or email for hourly rates.

Mileage Rates: Get Organized! has organizers throughout the DFW area. It is our goal to match the best organizer to each client’s needs. We do take into consideration the client’s location when assigning an organizer to a job. Clients who are over 30 miles round trip from our organizer will have an additional cost per mile (IRS mileage rate) added to the total job cost. Mileage will be determined from the location of the organizer to the client and is based on round-trip using

Due to the increase in fuel costs and drive time with traffic in the DFW area, any jobs that have a calculated drive time between 45 minutes and 1 hour (one way) from the location of the organizer and based on, will incur a $25 surcharge for each scheduled appointment. The client will be billed per job, not per organizer, for mileage and/or surcharges.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your appointment with Get Organized! without incurring a charge, call 972.841.0738 (24 hours/7 days a week) at least 48 hours before your appointment and leave a detailed message. We will call back to reschedule the appointment at a mutually agreed-upon day and time. We understand sometimes this will be impossible. Each client is allowed ONE (1) NO-CHARGE cancellation or reschedule with less than 48 hours' notice. Exception: If a client cancels/reschedules once organizer(s) is en route to their home, it falls under our No Show Policy (see below) and will incur a no-show fee of $100. If a client continues to have cancellation and rescheduling issues without appropriate notice, a fee of $100 will be charged for each instance thereafter.

In instances where excessive rescheduling and cancellations occur (3 or more, even with a 48-hour notice), clients will be charged a $50.00 rescheduling/cancellation fee per appointment. If it continues, we may ask the client to find another organizer best suited for his/her scheduling needs. Excessive rescheduling disrupts our service to other clients and negatively impacts our organizers' ability to earn income. Please consider your dates and times carefully when booking your appointments. Get Organized! desires to give every single client our absolute best.

No Show Policy

If the organizer(s) is en route to your home or arrives at your home/office for your scheduled appointment and you cancel/reschedule the appointment or request a reduction of the organizing team that has arrived, or if they arrive at your home and you are not at home or ill or have a schedule conflict and are unable to keep the appointment, you will be charged a $100 no show fee plus mileage if applicable. Read the Cancellation Policy above for more information.

When scheduling your consultation, we will obtain your credit card information for billing purposes. We will not bill your credit card for our services until after your appointment in case you choose to pay with cash or check at the time of service. By giving us your credit card information, you accept and agree to our Cancellation and No Show policies.


We accept all major credit cards, cash, or checks. If you choose to pay by credit card, Get Organized! will collect your credit card information prior to your organizing appointment. Payments will be processed at the end of the appointment.

You will receive an invoice via email the day before your appointment or the day of with the total amount due for that day’s work. Any changes in the total amount due such as additional hours worked or products purchased by our organizers will be reflected on the final invoice run through your credit card, or recalculated at the appointment when paying by cash or check. A new receipt will then be emailed to you.

Clients who wish to pay by credit/debit card for actual shopping expenses (products) will have an upcharge of 3.5% ONLY on the products purchased but not mileage or hourly rate for shopping. If the client chooses to pay in cash or check, the 3.5% upcharge will be waived. The 3.5% is only being charged to offset credit card processing fees.


Additional Notes

Flexibility is vital to the organizing process. There may be times when an organizer will come up with a better idea or request additional storage or organizational tools for your home. These changes are always discussed and implemented with your approval.

Remember we are organizing, not remodeling. If you choose to have us work with organizing products you already have in your home and not purchase specific items we have suggested, the overall results may be less than optimal.

This information is subject to change without notice

New and Prospective Clients

Organizing your home/office is an exciting process, but it will take a lot of work, confident decision-making, and a positive outlook to make it look and function at its best. Unlike the Clean Sweep show which brings in a whole crew to redo an entire house in three days, the actual residential organizing process is much slower. Keep in mind in order to get the successful results we both want, there may be a few aches and pains along the way.

By the time you are seeking our help, you are probably overwhelmed by the clutter and junk everywhere around you. Clutter saps energy and wastes time and money, causing stress for you and your family.

If you have decided to pay for professional organizing services, ideas, and suggestions, I am sure you want our very best effort in helping you. It is important for you to understand sometimes the decision-making process, needed when organizing, can be a little unpleasant.

More often than not, clients are reluctant to part with items in their homes/offices. Our goal is to release you from the guilt of holding on to unwanted or unneeded items to help you get the results you want, not because we are insensitive to the way you run your household or your personal items.

We not only want to organize your home/office to look great, but we also create organizational systems and teach you how to maintain your newly organized home/office. Organizing is just the first step. Keeping your home/office organized after we leave requires both you and your family to make some lifestyle changes. If you are unwilling to take the recommendations we suggest and be firm in sticking to them, your home is very likely to fall into clutter once again.

An important lifestyle change may be how you handle or delegate responsibilities to others in your household. Are there consequences when those responsibilities are not met? You may also have to learn to curb your purchasing habits. Are you a good example for the family? Will you allow yourself to part with unnecessary clutter?

Organizing takes concentration, multitasking, and focus. There may be times you find a long-lost item and you want to stop and reminisce. Our organizers will ask you to refocus on the task at hand. Having your full focus on the organizing process will make it go more quickly. It is best not to double-book yourself with other events and people on organizing days unless we have discussed this beforehand.

We look forward to helping you "Get Organized!"

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