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Get Organized! owner and founder Lorraine Brock has been motivating and educating individuals, families, and organizations since 2007. She believes that a better organized home and family can create a healthy balance between work and personal life. Being organized reduces stress which results in healthy individuals, strong families, and satisfied employees.

How many young adults or adults have had the benefit of someone explaining how to build an organized home, business, or lifestyle? Not many, and that is why hearing real examples and real solutions and systems allows individuals to stop living in crisis mode and start enjoying the calm of an organized life. There are many levels and options for Lorraine’s participation at your event. Whether you need a speaker to educate or motivate your audience, Lorraine Brock brings personality, personal stories, and practical solutions to your event. Lorraine speaks frequently in the DFW area and can be booked for presentations around the country based on availability and with additional travel costs if outside the DFW area.

Be sure to get more information on Presentation Topics & Presentation Styles for an exact measure of what you are looking for!

Meet the speaker

Lorraine's Story

As a child, Lorraine often cleaned and rearranged her room for fun. Dusting and organizing drawers took the place of a Friday night movie, and new bedding was more exciting than a new toy. At 18, Lorraine married her high school sweetheart, and 4 years later had their first child. Lorraine is a traditional all-American girl, wife, and mom of three boys who also wears the hat of a successful businesswoman.

Over the years, Lorraine’s friends and family sought out her ideas on time management strategies, organizational solutions, kid’s chores, shortcuts in the kitchen, and more. With the realization that there was a need for her talents, Lorraine launched her business, Get Organized!, in February of 2007.

With homes in chaos and families living under constant stress, Lorraine chose to take her wisdom and her Christian values and begin helping her clients build more organized homes both physically and emotionally. She began her journey with organizational and family management abilities that far exceeded the norm, a solid marriage, children that respected authority, and a Texas girl mentality of “I can fix anything”.

Lorraine received her first radio interview on a morning show 9 months after she started Get Organized!. Since then, she has been featured on TV, radio, print, and online media, and has been asked three years in a row to be a featured speaker and expert on home organization at the Great Big Texas Home Show at AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboy's Stadium), sharing the stage with stars such as Ty Pennington of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home EditionJason Cameron of DIY's Man Caves & Desperate LandscapesTera Hampton of HGTV's Design StarChip Wade of HGTV's Curb Appeal: The Block and Designed To SellWilliam Moss of HGTV's DIG IN, and Bryan Baeumler on HGTV's Disaster DIY.

A list of media highlights:

  • Good Day Fox
  • Good Morning Texas
  • CBS 11
  • Dallas Morning News
  • The Word 100.7
  • KTXG 90.5
  • CBS 19 (Tyler)
  • North Texas Kids Magazine
  • Murphy Monitor
  • Blog Talk Radio
  • SheKnows.com
  • Mercator.net
  • Daily Candy Kids (Dallas)
  • Texas Association of Family and Consumer Science
  • Attention Deficit Disorders Association
  • Southwest Veterinary Symposium
  • OKC Home and Outdoor Show
  • Plano Chamber of Commerce Women's Division
  • Tyler Chamber of Commerce
  • Edmond Chamber of Commerce

Lorraine continues to be highly involved in her company, with much of her time spent educating the public on home organization, business services, and life management. She speaks at conferences, company health and wellness events, home shows, women’s ministries, and mom organizations.

Presentation Topics

Organize Your Totally Out of Control Time (Time Management)

Did you know there is a difference between planning to do something and scheduling it? Most people use their calendars for major appointments but rarely schedule everyday tasks and the items on their To Do list. Some are even unsure about the best type of calendar for their lifestyle. The foundation of getting organized and staying organized is Time Management. It takes time to organize office space to be more productive at work, a master closet to make it easier to get started in the morning, or a garage to make room for a car or extra storage.

The goal is to schedule the time to organize spaces and organize spaces to save time. Attendees will be excited to learn practical ways to get Totally Out of Control Time… organized.

This presentation topic is suited to both male and female audiences, corporate environments, parent education formats, and with small or large groups.

Love an Organized Life (Residential/Office Organizing)

What is clutter costing you? Organizing and de-cluttering your home, life, and workplace creates space and time for what’s important. If your attendees or employees are overwhelmed by piles, stacks, and stuff, you will want to book this presentation. So much time is wasted looking for misplaced things and money is spent on buying items that are located later out of their usual place. Professional Organizer Lorraine Brock with Get Organized! will share her favorite products, hand selected for staying organized and maximizing space, plus systems for keeping cluttered lives under control.

Learning to be better organized will save time and money, create a healthy home for families, and happier and more productive employees at work.

This topic is great for both male and female audiences, corporate environments, parent education formats, and with small or large groups. Lorraine offers practical ideas on how to start the organizing process with a visual and fun presentation style including valuable information on products and solutions for organizing physical spaces.

Messy Desk, Missing Papers, and Totally Too Many Piles (Paper Management)

Piles, stacks, and stuff on a desk or kitchen counter is a constant struggle for some people. They always seem to be looking for a specific piece of paper or an important receipt in a huge pile of paper clutter. The average American spends about 55 minutes a day, roughly 12 weeks a year, looking for things they know they own but cannot find. That translates to lost time and money wasted. The solution? A new system to handle current papers, file archives, and store important tax material.

Professional Organizer Lorraine Brock with Get Organized! will share real solutions and concepts for better management of out of control paper clutter. She also offers information on appropriate time to keep certain papers, going paperless, and a better system for organizing miscellaneous notes and documents.

This presentation topic is perfect for both male and female audiences, corporate environments, parent education formats, and with small or large groups.

Depending on the target audience and time allotted, Lorraine can share systems for organizing and storing kid’s papers including artwork, keepsakes, and everyday school papers.

Take Control of Your Inbox

Is your inbox always full of unread emails or ones that require action or fill you with dread to open? Do you miss important messages or forget to go back and address emails that require a response? This topic explores options for basic email folder structure, categories to make retrieval more efficient, and a decision-making model to help you know what to do with each email.

Organizing Kids

Believe it or not, there is a time when kids can learn to pick up after themselves. If they do not learn early, the results will be difficult for the family. Imagine an older child that suffers from chronic disorganization and is always losing papers. Maybe a parent has to put a warning sign on their child’s door saying, “Disaster Area”. Did you know that a child can be neat but not organized? Neat people tend to put things in stacks or hide clutter in closets or drawers so that the room is eye-pleasing, but it is not organized. Teaching children to "Get Organized!" is a quality that will serve them well now, prepare them for the corporate world, and teach them skills to use as future husbands and wives.

Some of the topics Lorraine discusses concerning organizing kids are:

  • Toy storage
  • Chores (age appropriate)
  • Laundry organization (how to do laundry, not just wear it)
  • School papers
  • Allowance systems
  • Lunches
  • and much more…
This presentation topic is perfect for Mom groups and PTA Parent Ed Programs or coupled with another topic for a more overall talk on organization.

Organizing Teens

The skill of organizing is not something you’re born with, but a learned skill. In many families, organization is not discussed in the home, and there are few if any, high school courses on being organized. As parents, we are often more focused on getting our children to the next event, rather than teaching them how to get to school on time. Faster than we might imagine, high school-aged children will be applying for colleges, scholarships, and jobs, and competing with their fellow classmates and others around the world for key employment positions.

Individuals with poor organizational skills more often than not miss out on opportunities to excel, potential jobs, and even college scholarships. They miss deadlines and appointments and fail to follow through to get the results they want now, and ultimately, in their desired careers. Many times a teenager’s self-esteem suffers, often tagged with laziness or procrastination from family members and friends, leading to a further lack of motivation. Even quality of life at home can suffer from the pressure from family to perform.

Let's say they do end up with a job out of high school or, even better, a job and admittance to college. The lack of organizational skills could cause poor job performance, lost promotions, and the inability to hold a job long-term. In this program, Lorraine Brock shows students the difference between planning and scheduling and how to use their time wisely. They will learn organizing processes and strategies used to gain control over cluttered rooms, studies, jobs, and life.

Areas covered:

  • Time management
  • Organizing your personal space (in most cases a bedroom)
  • Organizing tools to maximize your small spaces
  • Organizing school binders
  • Realistic expectations when organizing
This topic is designed for high school students and/or a Parent Ed Program at the Middle or High School level.

Parenting Teens and Tweens

Parenting choices are a lot like coming upon a large pothole in the road. You can choose to go straight through it and possibly blow out a tire or mess up your car’s alignment, or you can slow down and make some adjustments to get back on track with fewer consequences. This same analogy applies to raising tweens/teens as well. When children are young, parents are the main drivers, making all of the decisions about direction and speed. As they become tweens and then teens, the relationship thrives when kids can sometimes help with the steering.

Consider that:

  • Roads are rarely straight or smooth
  • There are often onramps and exits that force us to make choices about our direction
  • If we are running low on gas, we have to get off the road and refill our tank
  • Detours are sometimes long, annoying, and take us to places we didn’t plan to go

Maybe your family is running on all cylinders, focused ahead, and confident in your direction, or maybe you are running on empty and frantically seeking the nearest gas station. Either way, you can be equipped with practical parenting tools when you hit the next pothole during the frustrating and turbulent times raising tweens and teens.

Find your starting place, follow a few directions, and you and your teen will have a greater chance of reaching your destination successfully. During this presentation, Lorraine Brock shares with other parents her experience and wisdom about raising her three sons, two of whom are still at home. This topic can be geared towards a Christian audience if desired.

This presentation is suitable for parents in any environment.

Kitchen “Tidbites”

Kitchen “Tidbites” is designed to give you helpful ideas on how to have your family reconnect around the dinner table and to keep this area of your home organized. In times past, family meals were the reward of a hard day’s work and a time to come together to eat, laugh, and work out life’s issues. This is even more important with today’s chaotic lifestyles. In fact, many of life's problems can still be solved around the kitchen table. In order to do this, we must first bring families back to the dinner table.

The Food Marketing Institute states that only 40% of American families eat meals together; of those families, they do so no more than two or three times a week! Attendees of Kitchen “Tidbites” will also learn about meal planning, organization in the kitchen, and shortcuts to save time and money each day.

Request this topic for your MOPS group, PTA program, or women’s organization.

Senior Downsizing

There are several reasons why seniors downsize. Most seniors want to move to a smaller home or apartment because they feel that their current home is too big. However, some sell their house to move to a retirement community or other senior care facility. No matter the reason, getting organized during this phase of life is incredibly important.

Seniors and their families are often emotionally attached to heirlooms, photos, and personal belongings and have difficulty letting go of them. Once the sorting and purging are complete, the next challenge is to organize everything to fit in a much smaller place. At this point, space planning and organizing to maximize space becomes very important.

In this talk, Lorraine Brock, Professional Organizer, Family Coach, and Speaker, addresses the following areas:

  • Sorting, purging, and packing
  • Passing down keepsakes
  • Organizing photos
  • Disposal, selling, or recycling of unwanted/unneeded items. What are the options and pros and cons of each option?
  • Paper clutter (to keep or not to keep)
  • Having adult children and other family members involved in senior downsizing
This topic is recommended for seniors in Retirement or Assistant Living Communities and family members of seniors.

Organizing Your New Home

Ready to get your cluttered home or areas in your home organized? Home organization is a topic that always creates high interest and draws large audiences. When setting New Year’s resolutions, getting organized is in the top 10 and is often a repeated goal throughout the year. Many visuals are shown during this presentation to explain the best solutions for organizing areas in the home.

Attendees will be motivated to tackle closets, kitchens, pantries, garages, and more with practical, functional, and sensible ideas for keeping the home organized.

This topic is recommended for anyone who has a home, however, women from teens to grandmothers seem to be the primary audience. Choose this for MOPS groups, PTA Programs, women’s organizations, women’s retreats, churches, and more.

Get Out the Door and in the Car, Organized

Is getting out the door in the mornings driving you crazy? Do you keep forgetting to grab the return you wanted to make on the way home or the gift you wanted to give someone at the office? Maybe you are a mom who forgets to give their child morning medication and has to drive back home to get forgotten items. To top it off, once things get into the car, they seem to take root in the trunk or fall between or behind seats. Clutter in the home or from a hectic lifestyle can spill over into the car, where it starts to have a negative impact on the quality of life for individuals and their family.

Professional Organizer Lorraine Brock with Get Organized!, speaks about taking the organization in the home and creating a smooth transition to the car. Americans spend large amounts of time in their vehicles, so why not keep them organized? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the average American driver logs 13,476 miles each year. That's more than four times the distance from New York City to Los Angeles, California. – cars.lovetoknow.com. Lorraine will be sharing tips, tricks, and totally awesome products that will help keep clutter at bay in the home away from home.

This presentation would be helpful for men or women who spend a large amount of time commuting in their vehicles. A dad going to work, a mom busy with kids’ activities, real estate agents, or traveling salesmen would all benefit from this topic.

Organized for Christmas

Christmas has become so commercialized, and as we become so involved in trying to make it perfect for everyone around us, we miss the real reason for the season. As a Professional Organizer and Family Coach, Lorraine Brock shows audiences how to plan, prepare, and execute a holiday season that leaves plenty of room for spiritual fulfillment and family time.

Lorraine will talk about family traditions, shortcuts for baking, and kids earning extra money for gift-giving to family and friends. She will focus on breaking down what has to be accomplished and what is realistic, with the understanding that the earlier you begin, the more you can get done. Attendees will learn how to schedule tasks each week with the goal of finishing long before the actual holiday and having time to enjoy the season.

Additionally, Lorraine will discuss the "Christmas Binder". This is a yearly binder used to keep track of everything from:

  • Wrapping
  • Shopping
  • Gift ideas
  • Dinners
  • Goodies
  • and so much more!

This talk will cover Thanksgiving and New Year's as well, with the primary focus on Christmas.

Target audiences might include those in the decorating industry, Christian women’s ministries, MOPS groups, Ladies’ Night Out, and corporate employee team holiday events.

Stressed to … Blessed

Being Prudent in Your Home and Life

Did you know that God places a high value on being prudent? Prudent with our time, money, and the resources that God has given us. Professional Organizer, Family Coach, and Speaker Lorraine Brock shares Biblical and practical truths about how to be prudent, as defined “wise or judicious in practical affairs”, in the home and life. This topic shows us how to de-clutter our lives both physically and mentally so that we focus on becoming more prudent with the “stuff” that is really important. This type of event has proven time and time again to be a subject that draws a large crowd. It is different, it is real, it is practical, and almost everyone is interested in how to get better organized.

It is a great topic for MOPS groups, Christian women’s retreats, Women’s Ministry events, and other Christian women's events. All scripture shared will be from the King James Bible.
View a Recommendation Letter from my current Pastor here and my previous Pastor here.

Mom Entrepreneur

Is your group looking for the perfect motivational speaker for your next event or conference? Lorraine Brock, Professional Organizer, Family Coach, and Speaker, shares with audiences the story of her life as mom turned entrepreneur. She explains why she started Get Organized!, how she grew her company, and where she is going. With no formal higher education or schooled business skills, how did this stay-at-home mom of 15 years start and grow her own business?

You will hear Lorraine’s creative ideas on how she did everything from marketing to her business policies without abandoning her love of being a wife and mom. “Everyone has a skill and a passion, so find out what yours is because when that skill and passion line up together, it can be a money-maker. Making a profit in business is what keeps you in business doing what you love.” Lorraine’s skill as a mom organizing and managing her home for 15+ years launched her business, Get Organized!. “If I can do it, anyone can”.

This topic is great for all audiences but is especially suited for professional and business conferences, mom conferences, networking events, panel discussions, and more.

Presentation Styles

Panel Discussion

With this presentation style, the topic is predetermined by the organization. Lorraine can be part of a panel of individuals with various backgrounds. Panel discussions usually last about one (1) hour followed by audience questions. Lorraine’s perspective is that of being a teenage bride and purchasing her first home as a senior in high school, to becoming a wife with conservative values and a stay-at-home mom and owner of a small business. She enjoys sharing her belief in family as a priority and the best way to juggle family, children, and her position as a business owner.

Group Presentations (small to mid-size)

Lorraine is experienced in giving presentations for small or large groups in a wide range of settings. Events can be held during the day or evenings in homes, churches, schools, auditoriums, and offices, and use appropriate technology to meet client needs.


Lorraine’s presentations are real and practical and her animated style is energetic and engaging. Through humor and personal stories she touches each person right where they are and puts them on track to getting their homes and lives into shape. Conference presentations are designed for a larger crowd often as a keynote speaker and may include visuals depending on client requests.


Some of Lorraine’s topics become more effective through a demonstration using organizational products and other visual tools. This type of presentation is often very interactive with audience participation throughout the entire workshop. Workshops can be included at women’s luncheons, health and wellness events, and theme-specific conferences.

Breakout Seminars

Lorraine can provide a multiple-session seminar at conferences for teachers, families, or health and wellness professionals. Her energy and enthusiasm stays at a high level after repeated sessions, and her voice projects clearly in a variety of environments even without a microphone.


Give your expo greater exposure in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by including Lorraine in your media coverage. Her reputation with moms and women of all ages and well-known brand will drive additional attendees to your event. She has been the face and voice on local TV and radio stations and knows how to draw a crowd by putting together segments and writing articles for online and social media avenues. In the large majority of these events, Lorraine offers on-stage presentations throughout the expo, again drawing attendees, along with giving away free organizing services from her company.

Brown Bag Lunch Talks

Lorraine is available for 30-60 minute presentations to employees during the lunch hour. This type of event can be focused on executives or small groups within a department and will be limited to a number of specific topics due to time constraints. Lunch talks are interactive and may also include spouses or family members resulting in benefits for the entire household and increased employee morale.

Staff Professional Development

Lorraine has a passion for educating individuals and families. Often a company or school will provide its staff with continuing education topics that will benefit both the employee and the employer. These sessions can be tailored to teachers, doctors, or other professionals looking for ways to improve their work/life balance using real and practical solutions and systems.

Individuals will be able to immediately create and put into place solutions for their home or work environment. Reducing chaos through organization reduces stress in leadership, which in turn creates a less stressed staff.

Women’s Retreats

Whether your retreat is to recharge your batteries or learn new and exciting ideas to better your life, Lorraine can put together the perfect fun, educational, and inspirational session(s) for your event. The topic of organizing has become popular as evidenced by the large number of television shows, articles in major magazines, and the fact that getting organized ranks in the top 10 of New Year’s resolutions. Lorraine can present workshops at Women’s Retreats from a Christian Perspective if requested.

Christian Women’s Ministry

Lorraine will work with your church to create the right recipe to attract guests and grow your ministry through church-wide or small-church group events. Her presentation can be built around a biblical theme of choice and Lorraine is able to partner with church drama and music departments to develop a total entertainment package. A favorite topic for women’s ministries is called Stressed to Blessed.

Individual Coaching

Often the cause of disorganization has roots in other areas of life. Lorraine enjoys talking to clients to determine the cause and put systems in place to create a more organized space and lifestyle. Coaching can be done by phone, in person, or as a family.

Phone Coaching

Clients outside of the DFW area can still benefit from Lorraine’s organizational knowledge. Phone coaching is a great way to save money and still get the organizing results you want.

Professional Organizer Training

Lorraine offers training for Professional Organizers throughout the United States. She is available to speak to large or small groups on starting an organizing business, marketing, business development and management, networking, speaking, family management, residential and business organizing services, and more.  Lorraine believes that if one’s home and life are organized, a person will be more productive at work and at play.

A popular media guest, Lorraine has appeared on Good Morning Texas, Good Day FoxCBS 11, and various radio outlets. She has also written for many local, regional, and national print and online magazines, including the Dallas Morning News, North Texas Kids Magazine, and SheKnows.com. She has spoken at conferences such as the Attention Deficit Disorders Association (Southern Region) and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Lorraine was also a featured speaker at a three day event at Cowboys Stadium where she shared the stage with stars such as Ty Pennington of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Jason Cameron of DIY's Man Caves & Desperate Landscapes, Tera Hampton of HGTV's Design Star and Nicole Curtis of DIY’s Rehab Addict.

Some of Lorraine’s topic titles include:

  • Love an Organized Home
  • Messy Desk, Missing Papers, and Totally Out of Control Time
  • Stressed to Blessed
  • What is Clutter Costing You?
  • Get Organized!
  • Managing a Home with Prudence
  • Changing the Way You do Business in Your Home

Whatever platform you choose for your event, Lorraine meets the audience right where they are…providing understandable, practical, and motivational ideas. Her goal is for participants to leave with many options to change their life.

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