FAQ – Design Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The designer will collaborate with the client to make changes as needed to stay within an approved budget. The designer will have the technical skills to create beautiful spaces and the business skills to understand budgets, timelines, and communication with clients and contractors.

Yes. Our designers have a degree in Interior Design or a combination of certifications in design and decorating. Get Organized! can provide more information prior to booking the consultation.

Yes. The role of your designer is to ask questions, look around your current home, and show samples to see what you love. The result of the meeting with the designer is a Design Scope which includes the discovery of your style preference and a plan of action.

Our designers have their own resources and, in some cases, obtain special discounts on products or rates from vendors. Because of these unique relationships and resources, the designer will bill these items separately to you with your approval.

No. We offer fixed fees for design based on the size of the rental unit. Design services include design style, color scheme, furniture and flooring selection, and more.

The designers may move light furniture during staging appointments, but if there is a lot of heavy or bulky furniture in the home, the designer will hire our Get Organized! Support Services at an additional cost to the client.

Yes, we have an in-person Walk and Talk and a Virtual Walk and Talk for furnished homes. Vacant homes must start with an in-person consultation with a designer.

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