FAQ – Home Organizing

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally our organizers leave you with homework after each visit.  This allows you to work in between appointments and helps you see results faster.

If you have a lot of heavy lifting, moving furniture, boxes, etc., we would prefer that you have two organizers.  90% of our clients work with two organizers.

Yes. All our organizers are trained to organize household and business papers.  We understand that with home-based business comes additional tax write-offs if you qualify, and we want to help you get your maximum return.
With papers, there is always a learning curve.  Finding out what you have, if you need it or not, and filing it in systems that will work for you, is all part of the process.  We will get the paper clutter under control.

We understand your stress and we know how to help you because we are a service by moms, for moms. We can help you with organized ways to handle coupons, meal planning and getting your honey to do his “Honey Do’s.”  We work together with your family to get everyone on board.

Please understand that if an emergency came up, we would need to send another organizer or reschedule.

We can also assist with resources for antique and jewelry appraisal, recycling options for electronics, consignment shops, charitable organizations for donations, trash disposal, and garage and estate sale service companies.

Organizing for Home, Business & Life