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Professional Interior Design Services

Get Organized! provides interior design services to the DFW area.


Get Organized! Interior Design Services brings creativity and experience to designing and furnishing a home. Our designers have a natural eye for color and style plus design certifications focused on color palettes, furnishings, flooring, wall coverings, lighting, remodels, and new builds.

Do you need a designer to shop for décor with you or for you? Our shopping services save clients time and money because our designers know where to find unique pieces at the best prices. Designers can also accompany clients on shopping trips to confirm design choices before purchase and installation.

Clients begin the process by contacting our Get Organized! office and speaking with a Client Manager. We will discuss our policies and hourly design fees, and if the client is ready to move forward, the Client Manager will set up a FREE 30-minute virtual consultation or the paid 2-hour In-Home Consultation with the designer.

Other services we offer include Holiday In-Home Decorating, Business Organizing, and Digital Content Organization

Home refresh Richardson TX

Home Refresh

Helping to bring a refreshed balance into your home space.

Fill and fluff services DFW

Fill and Fluff

Get Organized! will help you to bring your vision to life!

Home restyle services in Richardson, TX

Home Restyle

Let Get Organized! restyle your home to the home of your dreams.

Interior Design Services

Home Refresh (One Room)

Are you ready to refresh and restyle a specific space in your home for an upcoming event or change in lifestyle? This option would be perfect for kitchens, nurseries, home offices, bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms, and more. Designers can work with pieces already in place or completely clear the space and start with a fresh canvas. Design services include recommendations for paint, wall coverings and rugs, and shopping for furniture, home decor, and accessories. 

Clients can participate as little or as much as they desire in the design and selection process after the initial consultation. We work with any budget and level of client involvement. A room refresh can be a short and fairly easy makeover, or it can include painting walls, installing new floors, hanging art, or selecting new lighting. The designer will manage the project from start to finish, including sourcing, scheduling, and communicating with outside contractors. Depending on the level of desired involvement, the client may be a part of product selection, timelines, and budgets, and will be updated accordingly throughout the design process. 

Fill and Fluff (Entire Home)

This is best suited for clients who have furniture, lighting, and paint colors in place but need advice on how to tie it all together. The designer will collaborate with the client on furniture placement and choosing home decor based on textures, colors, and patterns that complement the current style.

Services may include sourcing, scheduling, and managing outside contractors if needed for installations or painting. Depending on the level of desired involvement, the client may be a part of product selection, timelines, and budgets, and will be updated accordingly throughout the design process.   

Redesign/New Home Design

Faced with a complete home redesign or moving into a new home with zero design personality? Our designers are ready to create spaces that function well for family or guests and bring all the details our clients want to make a house their dream home. This service will require more in-depth consulting, planning, and coordinating. It may also include conversations with architects or contractors involved in the remodel or new build.

Redesign or new home interior design will also include shopping with or without the client for paint selection, wall coverings, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, furniture, home decor, and accessories as needed. The designer also has the resources to have unique art or lighting pieces commissioned to complement any space.   

The designer will manage the project from start to finish, including sourcing, scheduling, and communicating with outside contractors. Depending on the level of desired involvement, the client may be a part of product selection, timelines, and budgets, and will be updated accordingly throughout the design process. 

Short-Term Rental Design

Interior design and visual appeal are key factors in how a short-term rental will attract attention. Bookings are a direct result of how well a rental has been designed for function and beauty. We offer a fully customizable experience from design selection, accessory shopping, and space planning to make it ready for the very first renter to enjoy.


Great customer reviews

Vanessa C.

5-Star Rating

What began as a consultation for Interior Design Services turned into quite a residential remodel project with Interior Designer Deana Chow. I was highly impressed from the start and extremely excited to work with Deana. This was super important to me, as I had no idea where to begin and needed professional guidance. Deana is confident, knowledgeable, creative, and experienced and I felt very comfortable working with her throughout the entirety of the project. I learned there are many moving parts and dependencies and Deana’s strong detail-orientation, communication, availability, and follow-through were vital to the process.

Deana has great vision and she helped me to “see the vision” in terms of my home and its potential. The strategy and approach taken by Deana included creating design boards and design/layout plans, which was extremely beneficial to see everything clearly from a visual perspective. From paint throughout the entire home, flooring, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures, faucets and hardware, Deana produced the most wonderful recommendations and suggestions, and it all came together and executed superbly.

I was inspired throughout the time working with Deana and my family is extremely pleased with the outcome and how everything flows so beautifully in our home. It turned out stunning and I cannot thank Deana enough. She’s truly an amazing designer and person and I am grateful. I highly recommend Deana for Interior Design Services. You will surely be inspired working with Deana!

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Interior Design - Our Process

In home consultation DFW

Design Consultation **$250.00 for 2-Hours In-Home Consultation**

Want a new look and feel in your space but not sure where to begin? A consultation with a certified designer is an exciting starting place. The first meeting will take place in your home, covering the design process including timeline, budget, and level of service. The designer will take photos*, ask questions to determine style and color preferences for furnishings and accessories and evaluate changes to the floor plan, resulting in an initial Design Scope explaining design possibilities.

Get Organized! designers manage design projects from start to finish including suggestions for product purchases, resources to purchase unique and stylish pieces, and quality vendor recommendations for electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, and house cleaning needs. These vendors may require additional rental agreements or contracts outside of Get Organized!

Our Interior Design Services can be tailored to the personal needs of each client or based on one of our design options suggested below.

*By engaging our services, Get Organized! will take before, during, and after images and videos for documentation. These items may be used for training and marketing. We will not use images or videos containing home occupants, location information, or name identification unless permission is granted by the client. It is the responsibility of the client to contact our office to discuss a change in permission.

Design process DFW

After the Consultation

After the consultation, the designer will draft a Design Scope for review. Some of our clients choose to manage small details themselves and bring the designer in for the more complicated aspects of the job, while others want our designers to manage the entire project from start to finish. We will customize our Design Services to the client’s needs. The Design Scope will be sent by the designer to the client via email within seven (7) business days of the consultation.

If the client is happy with the designer and the Design Scope, a Client Agreement will be emailed for the client to read and sign. When we have received the signed Client Agreement and applicable deposit, the designer will become the main contact for scheduling and design questions. Clients may call our Get Organized! main number at any time.

Your designer will provide additional information outside the Design Scope such as resources for de-cluttering, packing, cleaning services, shopping, contractors, and more as needed throughout the project. The designer can manage the contractors and vendors or give the contact information to the client.

Note: Research and communication with outside resources will be billed to the client at the hourly Design Rate. The client will pay labor fees for vendors and shopping purchases through the designer or directly to the vendors.

Once the design process begins, communication is the most important tool for a successful project. Response to emails, texts, and phone calls from the designer is necessary for timely progress. If the client chooses to do the shopping, products should be on hand for scheduled workdays. The client may request the designer do the shopping or the client may wish to shop with the designer. It is our desire to give our clients the level of service that suits their needs.

Many of the agreed-upon services of the designer will take place off-site. Product and vendor research, furniture and décor selection, space planning, shopping, and communications with outside vendors are part of our Design Services.

Get Organized! offers many other services to complement our Design Services including de-cluttering, downsizing, paper management, staging, packing/unpacking, IT and photo organizing, and holiday decorating.

Design board DFW

Design Board - $300 For a Follow-Up to the Design Consultation and Design Scope

The client may choose to have the designer create a Design Board with more research and design details than the initial Design Scope from the initial consultation and implement the design project themselves. This presentation may include furnishings, accessories, color palettes, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, artwork, and more.

Once the Design Board is delivered, the designer will not be available for follow-up questions or service unless the client agrees to our Design Services Client Agreement and places a deposit on file for hourly design rates.

It is our goal that you receive exceptional customer service at all times and at the same time Get Organized! must compensate its organizers for their work after hours. Please be aware of this policy so a bill for this service does not come as a surprise.

Note: If organizer(s) arrive at your home/office and you are not there on our scheduled day, you will be charged a $100 no-show fee plus mileage if applicable.

Additional Information About Rates and Policies


We do not estimate total design jobs over the phone. Our main office will be happy to go over our design hourly rates and required deposits. Based on the initial consultation, the designer will discuss the overall budget and cost estimate.

Get Organized! Design Services do not include additional expenses such as furnishings, furniture, shopping time and mileage, etc. Final billing may vary from the initial estimate or quote based on additional expenses approved by the client.

NOTE: Invoices for design products, furniture and accessories, and outside contractor fees will be billed by the designer directly, and payment will be made to the designer or to the vendor. These costs will not be listed on Get Organized! Design Services invoices.

We accept all major credit cards. Get Organized! will collect credit card information prior to the Design Consultation. Payments will be processed on the day of the Design Consultation and thereafter clients will receive weekly invoices for billable service hours. Payments will be due upon receipt.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your appointment with Get Organized! without incurring a charge, call 972.841.0738 (24 hours/7 days a week) at least 48 hours before your appointment and leave a detailed message. We will call back to reschedule the appointment at a mutually agreed-upon day and time. We understand sometimes this will be impossible. Each client is allowed ONE (1) NO-CHARGE cancellation or reschedule with less than 48 hours' notice. Exception: If a client cancels/reschedules once the designer is en route to their home, it falls under our No Show Policy (see below) and will incur a no-show fee of $100. If a client continues to have cancellation and rescheduling issues without appropriate notice, a fee of $100 will be charged for each instance thereafter.

In instances where excessive rescheduling and cancellations occur (3 or more, even with a 48-hour notice), clients will be charged a $50.00 rescheduling/cancellation fee per appointment. If it continues, we may ask the client to find another designer best suited for his/her scheduling needs. Excessive rescheduling disrupts our service to other clients and negatively impacts our designers' ability to earn income. Please consider your dates and times carefully when booking your appointments. Get Organized! desires to give every single client our absolute best.

No Show Policy

If the designer is en route to your home or arrives at your home/office for your scheduled appointment and you cancel/reschedule the appointment, or if they arrive at your home and you are not at home or ill or have a schedule conflict and are unable to keep the appointment, you will be charged a $100 no show fee plus mileage if applicable. Read the Cancellation Policy above for more information.

When scheduling your consultation, we will obtain your credit card information for billing purposes. We will not bill your credit card for our services until after your appointment in case you choose to pay with cash or check at the time of service. By giving us your credit card information, you accept and agree to our Cancellation and No Show policies.

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